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This isn't your grandmother's massage.  If you're in need of a serious massage by an expert masseuse, this is the only place to go.  Mike is a master of his craft and it's apparent as soon as you walk in the door.  His knowledge is thorough, commanding and impressive.  He knows more about your anatomy than any massage therapist I've ever seen.  Hands down the best and most effective massage I've ever had.  It was like a great trip to the chiropractor combined with a complete stress-releasing massage.  I highly recommend the Active Isolated Stretching combined with a 90 minute massage.  You will not be disappointed.  In fact, it will blow your mind.  You won't ever want to leave.  Give it a try.

Excellent massage! I've had many massages due to frequent back pain, and this was the most beneficial massage experience I've ever had. It was a perfect mix of stretching, deep tissue massage and relaxation massage catered to my specific needs. Michael is very knowledgeable and professional. He is an expert masseuse and seems passionate about helping people through massage.

Great work from an experienced therapist! Michael knows what he's doing

Michael is an exceptional practitioner. I recently had a stretching/ massage session with him and feel better after one session than I have in sometime. He performed an analysis on me prior to doing an work and then guided me through the entire session taking time to explain what and why he was doing anything. I trust him implicitly and know that with his help, I ll be running again without pain!

I first met Michael during Physical Therapy for my shoulder and had never had a massage before. After rotator cup surgery the best part of physical therapy was the massage! That was 5 years ago and although my shoulder has been healed a long time, I would not give up my massage with Michael at BackinHealth massage. Not only are the sessions invaluable for physical benefits especially after working out, the stress relief is the best part of my week. My work really takes its toll mentally and emotionally – the deep tissue massage Michael provides is so very important. I would highly recommend Michael and BackinHealth massage both personally and professionally!

Michael gives an incredible massage! I have had many massages over the years, but Michael is the 1st EVER to really work some o the knots out.  He has his own technique which he calls the