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Why We Don't Offer a One-Hour Signature Massage Explained with Silly Putty

Here at Back In Health Massage we are serious about getting to the root of your problem to provide effective and lasting pain relief, and that simply cannot be achieved in a one-hour session. We don't want you to waste your time or money on a massage that won't give you what you want, so we simply don't offer it.

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Why Anterior Muscle Work is the Key to Relieving Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Pain

When you want to completely remove a weed from your garden, you pull it up from the root. You can hack away at the top of the weed all you want, but you know it will always come back until it’s uprooted. And that’s exactly what it’s like when you try to resolve upper back and neck pain by massaging only those parts of the body. The pain will relieve temporarily but, like the still rooted weed, it will always come back.

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Our Google Reviews Show Back In Health is Tampa's Best Healing Massage

"I went to Michael yesterday for a lot of upper back and low neck pain due to sitting at a desk all day. Everything was explained very thoroughly as to what would be done. After my session I felt so much better and have so much relief from being stiff and tight all the time." That's just one of our 100+ five-star Google reviews. Book an appointment today to see why Michael Vogt is so highly recommended...

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Save with a Massage Club Membership

Save up to 60% on massage with an annual Back In Health Massage Club Membership.