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Why We Do Not Offer a One-Hour Signature Massage Explained with Silly Putty

If you're lucky enough to remember playing with Silly Putty, you'll recall you had to work that ball of clay for like 20-30 minutes before you could start molding it and getting it flat enough to take the comics off the newspaper.

If you're in need of a pain relieving massage, chances are your muscles are stiff and brittle, just like that brand new ball of Silly Putty. It takes time to get your soft tissue pliable enough to work with so we can provide pain relief and ultimately improve your range of motion. Muscles must be worked in a specific order to unlock the muscle groups that are causing you pain, and that can take up to 45 minutes per muscle in each muscle group.

That is why the Signature Massage requires at least a two-hour session and why significant gains in increasing range of motion, which result in decreased pain, may (and usually do) require multiple sessions.

Here at Back In Health Massage we are serious about getting to the root of your problem to provide effective and lasting pain relief, and that simply cannot be achieved in a one-hour session. We don't want you to waste your time or money on a massage that won't give you what you want, so we simply don't offer it.

What we do offer is the best healing massage in Tampa and an affordable way to get the treatment you need with our Annual Back In Health Massage Club Membership. As a member, you will save up to 65% on the price of massage so you can feel comfortable coming in for the number of sessions required at the duration you need to get the results you want.


Save with a Massage Club Membership

Save up to 60% on massage with an annual Back In Health Massage Club Membership.


* Note: If you do sign up for an Annual Massage Club Membership, you will have the option for a one-hour maintenance session. However, we highly recommend, especially in the beginning, you opt for at least a two-hour session to get you on the road to recovery in the most efficient, effective manner possible.